Matt Kern

Sound Design / Music Composition / Audio Lead / Studio Director
Video Games * Slot Machines * Audio UI * Multimedia * Web * Programmer

Portfolio: mattkern.com * Email: mk@mattkern.com * Facebook.com/mattkern

Dedicated professional with an extensive background in audio recording, processing and mixing. Proven ability to manage a large volume of
audio data accurately and efficiently, and to bring teams together in fast-paced, high pressure environments.
Shipped 50+ products. Known for ability to enhance the user experience with music and sound design.
Production credits include a Paramount Pictures release.

Technical skills include Pro Tools, Peak, Logic, Digital Performer, Sound Forge, Gigastudio, Reason, Absynth, Reaktor, Kontakt and Sonic Foundry Batch Converters.

Areas Of Expertise

* Audio UI Design * Audio Usability Testing
* Asset Pipeline and Project Management * Music Composition and Editing
* Talent Sourcing, Auditioning, Coaching * Sound FX, Dialogue Editing
* Hardware and Software Troubleshooting * Technical Troubleshooting
* Expertise in Multiple Music Genres * Scheduling and Milestone Tracking
* Team Leadership and Development * Speech Script-Writing and Performance

Professional History

Roku, Inc.
Saratoga, Calif
Positions held: Interface Audio Consultant
2013 thru Present

Industry: Streaming Entertainment

Worked closely with design and UI team to add contextually meaningful audio feedback to next gen devices. Designed audio landscape for hardware boot up sequences

Zynga, Inc.
San Francisco, Calif.
Positions held: Composer/Audio Designer
2014 thru Present

Industry: Social Video Games

Compose music and generate sound design based on team specifications.

Incredible Technologies
Vernon Hills, Illinois
Positions held: Audio Lead * Senior Sound Designer/Composer * Audio Director
06/1996 thru 06/2014

Industry: Slot Machines / Video Games

Recruited as a sound designer with accountability for the scripting, creation and implementation of music, speech and sound effects for a variety of video games. Eventually Promoted to Audio Director and managed all aspects of audio production for this $60 million/year video game company. Accountable for all dialogue, music and sound. Have managed in-house audio engineers/composers and external resources. Regular contributor to game design.

Scripted, produced, recorded and edited over 6,000 lines of audio/video speech for our titles in certain years.

Established project management procedures which have allowed the company to handle an increase from an average of 100 sound calls per title to 4,000.

Designed new scripting process, ensuring that all aspects of audio/video production for sports titles are scheduled and assigned, and then following up with each team member to ensure completion.

Assisted in the development of a new sound engine by worked closely with programmer to develop proprietary audio tools.

Conceived and managed production of a sales video which took an entirely different approach to promoting the company’s products and was extremely well-received by the sales force and by customers.

Elevated the gaming experience by developing audio plans that stylistically compliment and enhance game play. Worked closely with designers and producers to understand the creative direction.

Composed music and managed small team on a project covering several genres delivering a sound package of 45 songs and musical effects.

Adjunct Faculty – Tribeca Flashpoint Digital Academy

Chicago, Illinois

2011 – Present

Teaching sound design and game audio production to the next generation of interactive audio media professionals at this state of the
art facility. A partial list of topics covered: Audio Production, Resource Management, Aesthetics and Game Design as it relates to audio, advanced functionality of
software packages, and best practices as it relates to sound engines.

Freelance Writer – Various Music Publications

1995 – Present

Writer of articles, reviews and musical transcriptions for a number of music magazines.

Related Technical Skills

Ongoing interest and self-study in website design and content management. Experience includes:
Design and develop social/business networking web sites
Mid to high level OOP PHP programming skills
Currently developing additional programming skills in Java, Android, Javascript
Gained a working knowledge of mySQL, MS Access and Relational Databases
Studied Beginning and Intermediate C programming

Michigan State University – Bachelors Degree in Telecommunications (1991)
Ongoing continuing education and training in music / sound engineering

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